Aircraft Manufacturing 

Manufacturing in the heart of Europe

In 2022, JP Aero embarked on a transformative journey by acquiring ownership and distribution rights of an ultralight aircraft manufacturer and its EASA certified composite factory. This strategic move positioned us at the forefront of innovation, enabling us to focus on the development of high-altitude surveillance drones for enhanced aerial intelligence.

Unleash the Skies with Ultralight Excellence

Ultra Light Aircraft Category
Ultralight aircraft, known for their lightweight design and exceptional maneuverability,
Manufactured in the EU
Aircrafts are currently manufactured in
Czech Republic these airplanes embody the spirit of European excellence
Full Carbon Fiber Body
With a full carbon fiber body, our aircraft exemplifies the pinnacle of lightweight construction and strength.


In 2022, we embarked on an exciting endeavor by acquiring ownership of the renowned factory,  leveraging the factory's composite manufacturing capabilities and EASA certification.

We embraced the challenge of developing high-altitude drones capable of delivering exceptional aerial intelligence and reconnaissance capabilities. By integrating our knowledge of aviation, composite materials, and advanced systems, we are reshaping the future of unmanned aerial systems.

Ellipse Spirit

Ellipse Spirit proudly stands as the only aircraft on the market featuring an innovative and distinctive elliptical wing design.
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