Composite Manufacturing

EASA certification, composite expertise, dedication to innovation

Our primary focus lies in the development of high-altitude surveillance drones, equipping defense and security organizations with unparalleled intelligence capabilities. Simultaneously, we cater to the civilian market by manufacturing small aircraft that embody exceptional performance and reliability.
deep understanding of advanced materials

Effective composite manufacturing begins with strong design and engineering capabilities.

Engineering Capabilities
Through meticulous analysis, modeling, and prototyping, we ensure that the final product is top notch.
Strong relationships and strategic partnerships, we gain access to cutting-edge research, emerging technologies, and shared expertise.
Materials Expertise
Ensuring precise fabrication and assembly processes that result in high-quality composite components and structures.


We engineer advanced composites that meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. Our innovative solutions provide optimal strength-to-weight ratios, enhanced aerodynamics, and superior durability.

We combine our EASA certification, composite expertise, and dedication to innovation to redefine the future of aerospace.

Our Czech Composite Factory

Situated in the picturesque Czech Republic, our composite factory stands as a hub of excellence in advanced manufacturing.