Chemicals Development

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In 2005, JP Aero entered into a visionary partnership with Shinetzu Chemical, under a licensing agreement, to pioneer the development of a cutting-edge nanopolymer hydrophobic coating for textiles. This collaboration marked the beginning of a transformative journey that would reshape the aviation industry.
the epitome of hydrophobic excellence

Revolutionized the way we perceive and approach surface protection

JP Aero's dedication to delivering high-quality solutions is evident in the development of CleanPlane Wings.
Industry Impact
This innovative technology has revolutionized surface protection, elevating the performance and efficiency of aircraft.
Research and Development
We are pushing the boundaries of technology and adapting chemical formulations to meet the specific requirements of different industries.


Our hydrophobic chemicals have found applications beyond aviation, offering valuable solutions across industries such as automotive, marine, construction, and more. These coatings provide superior protection against moisture, preventing water damage, corrosion, and degradation of surfaces.

They also minimize the accumulation of dirt, contaminants, and ice, making cleaning and maintenance easier and more efficient.

With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we continually strive to advance our hydrophobic chemical technology. Our dedicated team of researchers, engineers, and industry experts work tirelessly to improve formulations, develop new products, and explore novel applications. We remain committed to delivering exceptional solutions that surpass expectations and empower our clients to achieve superior surface protection in their respective industries.

Our Training Centers 

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Multiple Industry Adoption

Our Advanced Nano-Polymer Coatings, driven by the "For Detailers, By Detailers" philosophy, have sparked interest and found application across various industries.
Aviation Industry - CleanPlane Coatings
Automotive Industry - CleanCar Coatings
Marine Industry - CleanBoat Coatings