Military Contracts

Empowering Military Forces

JP Aero has emerged as a trusted supplier in military contracts, providing the Canadian military and NATO with the renowned Mark 3 Tactical Boots since over two decades. Our active involvement in military contracts was further amplified when we secured significant agreements between the United States and Poland in 2021. Building on this success, we expanded our capabilities in 2022 by acquiring an aircraft manufacturer, enabling us to pioneer the development of high-altitude surveillance drones. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and precision, JP Aero is shaping the future of military technology, ensuring our defense partners receive exceptional products and services.
Powering Defense Forces with Precision and Purpose.

Delivering Excellence since 1998

Partnering with NATO
our collaboration began with the distribution of the Mark 3 Tactical Boot to both the Canadian Military and NATO.
Protecting National Security
Military contracts ensure national security and sovereignty by providing defense forces with advanced equipment.
Economic Impact 
We have significant economic and industrial implications, we involve local manufacturing, job creation, and technology transfer.


Since our establishment in 1998, JP Aero has played a crucial role in safeguarding national security and sovereignty through our extensive involvement in military contracts. As a trusted partner, we have been instrumental in equipping defense forces with state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and vital support services.

At JP Aero, we recognize the critical importance of national security and sovereignty. Through our military contracts, we enable defense forces to protect borders, maintain peace, and respond effectively to emerging threats. Our focus on providing advanced equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and comprehensive support services empowers defense personnel to carry out their missions with confidence and success.

Canadian MK3 Combat Boot

Super thick leather, 9 eyelets, heavy duty laces, quality - made in Canada. Boots are designed to require no major repair and to provide maximum water protection